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We are TEF Gold ranked and the university's main strengths are in Biology, Sport Science, Engineering and Marketing.

The University of Portsmouth is located on the UK's vibrant south coast, just over an hour from central London. We have five faculties, specialising in Business and Law; Creative and Cultural Industries; Technology and Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences; and Science.

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Add value to your degree at the University of Portsmouth, UK
Jonathan Williams, Senior Global Officer at the University of Portsmouth will discuss ways in which you can enhance your experience at university, whilst ensuring you have the best options upon graduation.
Jonathan Williams
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viernes 23 de abril

Our most prestigious / popular degrees

  • Criminology
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • International Relations
  • Marine Biology

Most important awards or accreditations

The university's academics are researching and developing a plastic-eating enzyme, which is contributing to a wide-scale ocean clean up


St Michael's Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire - CP po48da